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So the times have changed. Women looking for men is on and we're here to help you find hot singles, uncover your love and soul mate, doing it free online.

Imagine finding the dream partner, lover, just the right person. Someone with a good heart and a very sharp mind... To help you survive joyfully in these tough times. Now picture just the two of you alone with Nature. Blissfully in love you stroll along a deserted beach, feeling a gentle touch, the breeze, yet the radiant smiling warmth of the Australian sunshine. This moment is absolutely tranquil and yours to enjoy and to remember, forever ... worth pursuing? OMG yes!

Do you seriously want to re-kindle Nature's Love and Romance? It is always there, waiting for you! You've just got to decide to do it. Make it your single, deep, burning desire. Your all-embracing focus and passion ... Then those natural, automatic, bio-forces take over. Because you want to.

How can I get started? Simply click your city or state regional area or click here: Women looking for men to be able to search for your perfect, ideal love date or deeply loving soul mate from multiple thousands of possible partners. Your minimum age: 18+ years. Dating Search Engine: Love Scanner - USA / Australia. The Best Women Looking For Men Site online.

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Women Looking For Men

Relationships are what everyone is seeking. What do you want? Man seeking a woman or woman seeking a lesbian relationship? Or a heterosexual woman seeking a strong, dependable, rich, macho Man? Imagine the different types of women, described below and ask yourself which type you are - what precise love game are you playing, if any?

Types and Profiling is the matching method of the future. Here are the main types of women found in modern, western societies:-

  1. The Playette. This type of woman plays on the surface and is usually afraid of commitment and settling down with a man.
  2. The Social Butterfly is just having fun for now. She flits from person to person without getting attached.
  3. The Hopeful Romantic. This girl or woman is typically normal in society's eyes and constantly hopes for romance. No risks.
  4. The Cinderella. She keeps away from fuss and attention, not presenting or displaying herself. She has good qualities.
  5. The Private Dancer will perform for a man with power or secret knowledge. She is often sexually active in private.
  6. The Seductress. Sometimes a powerfully manipulating personality, she can get her way by powers of seduction.
  7. The Connoisseur. This type of woman has high standards, she screens out players and is very loyal to the right man.
  8. The Modern Woman. She dresses and presents herself well. She is well educated and socially liberated. Relates well to men.

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